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Kyocera KD315GX-LPB Solar Panel Review

The Kyocera KD315GX-LPB solar panel is an attractive black panel, black frame polycrystalline module that provides a robust solar effectiveness, a beneficial service warranty and simple upkeep.

Kyocera KD315GX-LPB
This variation of Kyocera Solar's panels brings an energetic 16 percent solar performance to produce a lot of electrical power for your house. This is not the greatest portion of solar performance for modules on the marketplace, however it is fairly high. Over the lifetime of your solar panels with common usage, this level of solar effectiveness need to lead to some welcome cost savings when it pertains to your domestic electrical expenses.

These roof panels create an optimum of 315 watts of power, an optimum voltage of 39.8 and an optimal power current of 7.92 amps. There are 80 cells in each panel.


You get an acceptable service warranty with these Kyocera solar panels. For 20 years, the Kyocera Solar service warranty covers power output at 80 percent of the minimum ranked power.

Kyocera authorities choose if any reported claims or issues are, in truth, covered under this guarantee. The guarantee likewise is rendered gap if the panels are set up poorly, are moved from the house on which they were initially positioned, if any repair works are done that do not satisfy Kyocera's requirements for such work, if they are put on any kind of structure for which they were not meant and more.

These sturdy panels should handle an optimum load of pressure from something such as snow on the roofing system approximately 113 pounds per square foot, which is a strong optimum load and is typically thought about to be the requirement for the market. It likewise should endure 1-inch hail blown by winds of approximately 51mph. This is likewise normal for solar panels.


These solar modules should withstand bone-chilling temperature levels of 40 degrees listed below no Fahrenheit and should hold out versus heat highs approximately 194 degrees F. The panels are made from tempered glass and the frame of anodized aluminum.

These panels are not self-cleaning in the sense that it takes just rainwater to get rid of dust and dirt. That is usually real of many solar panels given that even those marketed as self-cleaning have actually instructions buried in their setup handbooks encouraging property owners to make use of a soft fabric or sponge to carefully clean while washing the panels with water to do a much better task of getting rid of any gunk. The cleaner the panels are, the more effectively they will certainly operate.

The Kyocera KD315GX-LPB solar panels are rather simple to preserve. If layers of dust or any particulates from pollution choose them, the panels will certainly shimmer after a mild cleaning with water, a moderate normal cleaning agent and a soft fabric. The setup handbook for this brand likewise advises that you examine the circuitry and installing hardware once a year making sure there are no loose connections and the hardware is snugly protected.


These solar panels have measurements of 65.43 inches in length, 51.97 inches in width and a depth of 1.8 inches. A single panel weighs 60.6 pounds.

Help & Support

Must you experience any issues or discover that concerns occur concerning your panels, you should get in touch with the business by phone or e-mail, where you will certainly get valuable responses from polite business agents. Kyocera Solar likewise has actually an often asked concerns area on its site and a helpful blog site with info. You do not get live chat, which would be valuable for fast responses to any issues.

Kyocera KD315GX-LPB Summary:

These visually kindlying solar panels will, for many years, lower your electrical costs and need you to do little in the method of upkeep and cleaning. If you are in the market for some sun power, certainly take an appearance at the Kyocera KD315GX-LPB solar panels.